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Throw Your “Goals” And “To-Do” Lists Out The Window. Try Something New


Most personal development programs and motivational speeches put a great deal of emphasis on goal-setting. Motivational speakers and personal development coaches often ask you to make a list of all your goals that you wish to achieve. Once you have done so, they advise you on ways to find the motivation to tick off those goals, one after the other, from your list.

Goal-setting is not the most effective way to achieve things

It has been seen, more often than not, that this practice is not the most effective in helping people achieve the things that they desire or have listed in their “Goal-List”. Despite the many motivational approaches and guidance offered by mentors and personal development coaches, only a handful is ever able to achieve a few of the things they jot down in their list of goals. Even after compiling a To-Do list, many fail to tick off more than a few before losing interest and motivation to continue any further.

There has been the odd exception here and there, but in the large scheme of things, this approach just does not have enough steam in the engine to carry you to the end line. It may carry you to a certain point before running out of steam and fading out.

Reasons behind the failure of goal-setting and compiling To-Do lists

There are a few reasons why goal-setting and compiling To-Do lists may not work. Some of these reasons may include:

  1. Compiling a list does not guarantee action to achieve the things on the list.

  2. Listing down goals and To-Do items mean you are spending more time thinking about them rather than acting to achieve them.

  3. The longer your list of goals is, greater are the chances of you feeling overwhelmed, even at the thought of taking the first step in the path.

  4. Having a list of goals and To-Do items can often offer a false sense of achievement – make you think as if you have already accomplished a small portion of your journey – paving the way for you to become complacent.

  5. When you compile a list, you are essentially preparing yourself to accomplish one item on the list after the other. This could often lead you to waste time by doing related things repetitively.

  6. When trying to accomplish similar items on the list simultaneously, you may often end up having too much on your plate. This could lead to a great deal of frustration, often causing you to lose motivation.

  7. To-Do lists may not always include things that you truly want. You may list things that you think you would like to have instead of the things that your heart actually craves.

It’s time you tried a different approach

Considering the fact that goal-setting does not always produce the desired results, it may be time for you to try a different approach. Instead of setting down goals and compiling To-Do lists, try to introspect deeply to determine the things that your heart truly desires. These desires have to be the most-wanted things that evoke the strongest passionate feelings from the deepest recesses of your heart.

It may be considered here that these desires may change at various points of your life. But when you are able to determine the things that your heart truly desires, you will not need any external motivations to transform those desires into realities. All you need to do then is determine the best practices to achieve them, and success will be yours for the taking.

By robert
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