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Proper Action over Hard Work Is the Key to Success


“Proper Action – where smart action meets optimum work”

What is more important – Hard work or Smart Work? The age-old question that confuses even the smartest of people indeed has an answer. There are only two directions to any action that you can take to achieve a task, the hard way, and the smart way. The hard-working way comprises of putting maximum effort to achieve a goal and the smart working way that requires you to put forth minimum effort to achieve the same or even greater efficiency. Both these directions are flawed as the answer lies somewhere between them and is referred to as Proper Action.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home-run is much better than two doubles.” – Steve Jobs.

What Is Hard Work?

Hard work in a misnomer for brainless work as there is no point in giving more effort for a task than is necessary to achieve efficiency. There are millions around the world, who are really hard-working people but have never had the good fortune of meeting their Core Desires in life. The fact of the matter is that any amount of hard work or time cannot replace the most efficient direction you can take to achieve your genuine Core Desires. Working hard has certain characteristics.


  • Engagement – No matter what the situation may be, hard work requires a lot of sincerity, commitment, and sacrifices from a person to follow the path to success. It requires consistent effort irrespective of how challenging a situation is.


  • Conventional Pattern – Traditional and conventional way of work is essentially hard work as no revision of the process has been done for decades. Smarter solutions are always getting invented, which makes conventional work backdated.


  • Repetitive – Hard work is always repetitive as it focuses more on quantity over quality, but it can provide results in certain cases if done with diligence. As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect.


Is Proper Action Necessary?

Proper Action is the ultimate efficient path you take to make the most of the effort you put forth for attaining a Core Desire. Smart work may include reduced effort or immoral attempts and shortcuts, but a proper action is always the most suitable path with the optimum amount of effort. Proper action states that after choosing the path most suitable for you to achieve Core Desires, you put the most optimum amount of work into it. Not less, not more!


Certain aspects of proper action include:


  • Identification of Core Desires – It is very important for you to realize your Core Desires. It will be very tedious to follow a path if it is not chosen by you consciously.


  • Selection of Path – There may be many paths in life to reach the same destination, but it is extremely crucial for you to identify the most efficient and moral path to attain your Core Desire.


  • Effective Effort – The effort you put forth to attain your desire must be the correct amount as under-performing may result in below-par results and over-performing may result in brainless hard work.


The End Goal

People also say that hard work attracts luck, but in no means can it be proven as luck is a condition where opportunity meets preparedness. Proper Actions that are taken to attain your genuine Core Desires will provide opportunity along the way as it has a power of the Conquering Force driving your intent.


"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." – Chris Grosser


When Realization, Knowledge, Strength, Time and Proper Action unite together to incite the Conquering Force within you, nothing in life is unattainable.

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