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Realize Your Core Desires * Live an Incredible Life * Earn the Income You Want * Build Lasting Meaningful Relationships

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If you want to make a living helping others become successful, this is the perfect vehicle for you. Get certified to teach and train people in Jack’s proven methods for success.

Jack Zufelt has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide! Over the last 3 decades he has proof that what he teaches has a lasting effect on lives.
During the time that Jack has worked in the Personal Development field he has had many opportunities to work with people in more intimate settings and in smaller groups. He calls these “high touch” opportunities and they have been shown to be extremely effective. He wants more people to be helped like he has done so he developed a “Mentor Program” that will allow YOU to carry on his incredible work of change in the lives of others.

His Mentorship program is unlike anything you have ever experienced. You will get to represent yourself as a “DNA of Success Trainer”….a “DNA Mentor” for short.

Through this training you will learn how to live the principles so that it comes natural to you to transfer this knowledge to those you train and help make changes in their lives. As Jack says, “You can only transfer what that which you have with yourself to give”. So the first objective in the MENTOR program is to make sure YOU personally have identified YOUR Core Desires and experienced the unleashing of the real and awesome power of Conquering Force within yourself.

In addition to all of the training that you get with the highest product package we offer before the Mentor level you will also receive all of the following:

  • Master Courses on how to mentor teach and train others with the incredible "DNA of Success" method. This includes an entire how to Mentor guide.
  • A program guide on how to work as an incredible DNA Training Mentor with several kinds of potential opportunities. Including mentoring business owners, individuals, entrepreneurs and more.
  • The full opportunity to engage others and offer them the opportunity to come to the live webinar and seminars put on by Jack and make 50%!
  • The ability to work in develop and be a DNA Mentor in two different markets with confidence. These are business performance and personal performance Mentorship.
  • Outlines on how to hold invitational where you introduce the basic principles of working directly with you as a mentor on a local level.
  • Access to a very special Mentor only live weekly webinars that are held by Jack himself on how to mentor and train people in this program. (These are priceless!)
  • An official letter of certification that shows you are official "DNA of Success" mentor and Trainer in Jacks program once you have tested in the Mentor and Method programs.
  • The ability to have your customers come to the DNA of Success Master Courses website and buy the products and services we have there making a full 50% commission!
  • The ability to come to our live conventions in Salt Lake City Utah where you will have an opportunity to sit in the "Mentors Corner" up front and participate in the event more directly than the rest of the audience.
Getting certified is a matter of taking the training course for the DNA of Success Mentor Program and then committing to at least 2 of the 4 monthly calls with Jack. To remain certified, you just need to take one specific Master Course per year, pass the qualifying test, and then pay the yearly renewal cost of $500.


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