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Realize Your Core Desires * Live an Incredible Life * Earn the Income You Want * Build Lasting Meaningful Relationships

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Human potential Superstar, Jack Zufelt, will show you how to use what is already within you to get what you want. This topic is so incredibly ground breaking that Jack has been on 2000 radio & TV talk shows.


What you will learn through these master course will shatters all of your conventional ideas about success such as goal setting, daily affirmations, visualization, self-help books, motivational speakers or other self-help techniques. If these things actually worked. Then WHY are they NOT working for you? Jack's "breakthrough" research proves there is a better way! It is truly astonishing and valuable. The newest edition of Jack’s timeless teachings are right here now. Right in front of you! This is the New DNA of Success Master Courses. See products now.

Jack Zufelt has teamed up with some top leaders and trainers to bring you the ultimate in the DNA of Success. Jack Zufelt has created a new corporation "DNA of Success, Corp." to expand his mission and bring his message to a whole new place. Please read more about Jack on his bio page here.


My Goal is Your Success!

  • I focus my simple, powerful, and proven formula towards one end only. The enrichment and success rates of those that enlist in my proven system.
  • I believe that understanding the physiological, psychological, and core disciplines of my methods will allow everyone that applies them success.
  • I believe in taking immediate action towards developing one’s truest identity through fully recognizing Core Desires and acting on them.
  • I believe that success is not a single definition, rather a set of values, clear vision, and purpose that includes financial, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.
  • I believe that being centered and peaceful while unleashing the Conquering Force at maximum capacity is not only achievable but absolutely necessary.
  • One of my central focuses is the reality that we are all living in a world that requires each of us to earn a living. Much of my course material is centered on helping you earn more money and live your unlimited potential.
  • I understand the incredible power of mentorship and have worked tirelessly to add a dimension of leadership and opportunities for others to teach my program.
  • I know that my programs will change your life and the lives of everyone around you. I have seen this happen time and time again. I was coined "Mentor to Millions" and my message has changed the lives of thousands those following these principals.


I am on a mission to help others build a better future for themselves and realize their truest, innermost objectives. Everyone has a dream they want to achieve, everyone has a deep desire they want to fulfill, but few know how to make it happen. I do. I have developed an all-new Success Education System that will allow you to make a positive and permanent change in your life. If you are ready to succeed but don’t know how, then this advanced program is what you’ve been waiting for

I have built an all-new, advanced system that will teach you the things you need to know to realize your true desires and achieve success. This program is built upon my long-held and proven DNA of Success philosophy that addresses the specific needs of everyone that seeks to live their truth and be the person they were meant to be.

I have a wealth of experience and offer proven strategies to assist individuals to develop the lasting qualities that make success a reality. I know what works and can help you expand your view of what you can do. You will strengthen your character and find the power within yourself to do the things you never thought possible. Together we can build positive outcomes as you connect with the power within you to succeed. With this all-new Success Education Program, you will learn the right tools to gain the results you want.


Make more money and the lifestyle you want

The facts remain that a good part of our personal beliefs about living successfully includes the ability to create more income. For some of us, we want to experience explosive growth in this area. Are you one of those? This is so much the fact there have been volumes of books and trainings centered on the subject. I am very proud to tell you that not only will the DNA of Success help you with vital areas in your life on a personal level, but it will massively change your ability to earn. The same principse you apply to realize your Core Desires are the same principles you apply to get to the top of your league in any industry.

I have worked directly with sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and the employees of some of the most successful companies teaching these principles. If what you seek is a better career, higher monthly earnings, and the lifestyle these afford, my products are most certainly for you. The added bonus is that this is just one of the incredible equities you will develop through applying the DNA of Success Master Courses.


My powerful, easy to apply “Success Attitude Formula” provides very simple techniques that will take you to the top in any arena that matters to you. You will gain a life-changing Success Attitude.

SA = (CD+C) X PA + P

Through following my weekly courses and studying the materials I provide, you can unleash an incredibly powerful Conquering Force within you. The "Success Attitude" is that Conquering Force in action. In my course, I review how to apply this with a resilience that will allow you to accomplish absolutely anything in life you desire. The Success Attitude is a wellspring of unlimited potential and it is just waiting for you to "flip it on". It is truly as simple as that. Once it is on you just have to stay the course. I will help you with all of this! Please see the products we have to offer now!

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One thing that sets me apart from many of the performance and success speakers and programs is my emphasis on good relationships with your spouse, your children, or your community. I especially focus on the ones dearest to us, our family. Having a solid relationship with the family in our lives has to take top priority and we all know this. Did you know that understanding your Core Desires in the relationships you have will lead to success everywhere else? Everything is related to every other thing in our lives and this is no different. My course material has a special place for instructing families to be closer and encourage you to have deeper, more meaningful relationships with those that matter the most. The Core Desires we have to love one another and be a family extends far beyond the household and extends into our communities. But it all starts in the home. Please see the products I have to offer!

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About Jack Zufelt


Jack Zufelt is the pioneering force behind the DNA of Success Master Courses. Please take some time to learn more about what Jack and his incredible career where he was coined "Mentor to Millions"

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Jack has several products and programs where you can get started using Jack’s proven Success Method right away. Everything from interesting and easy-to-apply course material, to live webinar training with Jack Zufelt himself!

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ALL success is in every human body…it’s in our DNA. Jack boldly shows exactly how his easy-to-apply formula will unlock the Success genetics in your DNA which unleashed the Conquering Force within you. It’s like flipping on a switch to unlimited power!

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This is an incredible opportunity for you to engage in Jack’s Mentorship program so you can help others be more successful and make money doing it.

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This program has made an impact on millions. Let it make an impact with you.

Don't be guilty of limiting yourself. By limiting your belief in what you can achieve in life, you are rejecting the success that could be yours. When you learn and properly apply the tenets of the Success philosophy you will be an unstoppable force and will achieve anything you set your mind to.

This powerful Success Education is a comprehensive training with weekly courses, step-by-step instructions on how to apply the principles, and new concepts that will impact you for life. This is the master course that teaches you new methods on how to make a permanent and positive change that will echo throughout your life and the lives of everyone you know. This is the ultimate accumulation of the most powerful and important knowledge in the world.

We know what it takes to reach the ultimate level of living your best life and achieving your greatest success. We want to share it with you. We want you to share it with others. This DNA of Success philosophy is too important, too powerful not to. Realize your Success today!


Go here to learn what your choices are and become one of the people Jack has helped take their lives, careers, and personal lives to a completely new level!

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